The R&R Photographic Imaging team was created as the result of combining Mark Ryan Photography and Reese Imaging many years ago.  It all started somewhat unplanned, but after hundreds of weddings and nearly two decades, is still going quite strong.  We are a very small company by design and intentionally want to stay that way, photographing about 40 weddings per year.  The number of venues that we are preferred vendors at is quite extensive and include major locations throughout Wisconsin.  Our primary goals have remained largely unchanged since the very first wedding.  We offer clients creative and unique images with competitive pricing.  We provide service that continues to draw positive referrals and new clients year after year.  If you have a chance to look around the site and like what you see please give us a call.  We would love to discuss your wedding day and share a little more about why we feel so lucky to do what we do.


-Mark and Danny-